I want to start by making this statement.

I picked this up at Sephora for $23 plus tax, it’s also my first brow product i’ve had to apply with a brush so I was pretty nervous how it was going to go. I was drawn to this one in particular because it was directed toward oily skin and waterproof.

Not only that, aside from the Sephora brand pencil Anastasia is the only brand i’m aware of that has such a huge array of colors to choose from. RED HEADS, FEEL THE LOVE!! I picked up the shade Auburn though it was a tough choice between that and Caramel.

I used an angled liner brush to apply this. I used the brush to pick some out of the pot and sort of smooshed it into the back of my hand. (You need super little of this product, it’s pigmented!) I lined the underside of my brow, defined my arch and used the tip of the brush to fill it. This goes on super smooth, it was so easy. It was 100x easier than a brow pencil. What’s great, is that if you’re looking for super soft natural looking brows, you can achieve it by brushing them after with a spoolie to blend and buff. But if you want razor sharp Instagram brows – you can fill your boots! (Or your brows! Literally!)

I’m super impressed, I get super excited over doing my brows now. It’s totally ok for beginners too, despite how scary it might seem without your goof-proof pencil!

Happy Brows! image4.png


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