#12 Glo Science : Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device (Aftermath)

I recently posted about an at home teeth whitening device I purchased from Sephora called Glo Brilliant by Glo Science. It’s supposed to whiten your teeth 5 shades whiter in 5 days. I did my 5 days religiously and just wanted to share some thoughts having it said and done. (Post #11 can tell you all about it!)

Day 1 was a little confusing trying to figure it all out. Day number 2 was a little easier going and so on.. By day 5 it was more of a “Do I really need to do this now? Can I do it later? This is stupid.”

After day 1, I have to say I definitely seen a result. Nothing major – but I did notice it had made my teeth a shade whiter. It was a promising result for the first day, I was happy so far. I Could also say the same for day 2 and 3. Day 4 I didn’t see so much of a result, which is why I probably felt dreadful about using it on day 5. On day 5 I noticed little to no change, but I feel my teeth DID whiten 4-5 shades.

I love coffee, and on an average day i’ll drink up to 3 cups. So I never expect my whitening treatments to work to their full potential. (Or last as long.) But I was overall happy with the result, but I felt they didn’t stay that bright white for more than 2-3 days. Maybe doing the whole 10 days would be more beneficial, or try the pen for aftercare.

I don’t feel disappointed in this product, I suppose i’m just not super excited over it. I feel I would use it again, but next time I think I might give the HiSmile a try.

(Atleast you don’t need a silly necklace…)

All for now. xo


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