#11 GLO Science: GLO Brilliant™ Teeth Whitening Device (Day 1)


So I got this on Sephora’s 15% off Spring Rouge promo, I was super skeptical but open to trying something different. (Mostly because I went to Lawtons and I was pissed off over having to buy Colgate toothpaste over Crest…) I haven’t really herd much of it before hand so I was sort of skeptical on the brand and their credibility. But after reading some reviews and some research this is supposed to be like, the cats meow of at home teeth whitening.

This is $264.00 +tax CAD and is the complete starter kit. It includes everything you need to get started. In the box, there’s a cute zippered storage case to put everything in. In the storage case is of course, no other than an instruction manual.. There’s the LED mouth piece, the “device” itself, 10 vials of gel (the magic), the usb and plug and a lip treatment.

So, this contraption is “clinically proven” to whiten teeth by five shades in as little as five days with little to no sensitivity.  Not only that it’s “fast, fun, and easy-to-use” and “comes with all the essentials for a more confident smile.”
I’m not sure how to feel about those statements yet. Like REALLY? Is it really that fun? Am I going to wake up in the morning and be like “YEAH, LETS HAVE A TEETH WHITENING PARTY!” Do we have the same definition of fun???? Anyway…

I don’t consider myself to have drastically yellow teeth. Just the common shade of your everyday coffee/wine addict. (Like i’d say a 5/6 on a scale of 1-10) So I’m super excited to see how this will compare to other whitening products that usually only bring my teeth down to about a 3.

First thing first, charge the device. This little guy took about 3.5-4 hours to fully charge. I initially thought mine was broken because it was just blinking rather than the LED indicators filling up. It wasn’t… Once charged, you shouldn’t have to charge it again for a few cycles. A cycle is considered 1 day.
Second you attach the necklace to the device when charged and wear it like a champ. You can then plug the mouth piece into the side. The instructions said that 1 vial of gel is for 1 day. (So you use this 4 times in a row, 8 minutes each time, putting new gel on each time. Repeat for 5-10 days.)

I thought the design of the gel vial was lacking. It overcomplicated it actually. But you twist the top off with your teeth like a monster and there’s a small plastic bristle brush, and when you squeeze it, gel comes up through the middle and you rub it on all your visible teeth. Because of the design on the vial I feel your waisting a lot of product and can’t really get the full potential of the whitening process. (But hey, what do I really know?)

After applying the gel, you insert the mouthpiece and press the ‘glo’ button. It automatically shuts off after 8 minutes incase you get carried away… I didn’t find the mouth piece terribly uncomfortable. (I have pretty squish teeth.) But I did find it large. Much more effective than strips or trays or whatever other nonsense you can come up with to stick on your teeth. It also suggests you apply the lip gloss before using the mouth piece… I don’t fully understand as there’s nothing special about it. But I applied it none the less.

When 8 minutes is up, you spit everything out, reapply more and go again. You do this 4 times consecutively.

After all 4 sessions I brushed my teeth again (even though it states is unnecessary as the gel is vegan and non-toxic.) I did notice my teeth were a shade or 2 whiter which was what I sort of expected. I wasn’t disappointed considering it was only day 1, I just hope to see my teeth a shade or 2 lighter after every use. I personally thought the lipgloss step was stupid and irrelevant, so I gave that up. Unsurprisingly nothing changed with or without it.  Also no sign on sensitivity… Yet anyways.

That’s all I really have to say about it for today, i’ll keep you all posted.


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