#10 Dr. Jart+ : Clear Skin Rubber Lover Mask


Yup, you read it right. This is the Rubber Lover mask…
I seen this in the “New Arrivals” page on Sephora, and was oddly intrigued. I wasn’t a fan of the last Dr. Jart+ mask (Pore Minimalist) which you can also find in my previous reviews, but I really wanted to give it another shot. 

I picked this up from Sephora for $17.00 +hst CAD, for 1 mask. Personally, I thought this was a little hefty – but hey, it could be magical right?

I think the biggest turn off from other sheet masks is that they don’t stay on your face well. Y’know, you end up with them in your mouth when you try to talk and they slide down over your eyes, or COMPLETELY fall off your  face all together…. Anyway, maybe it’s just me with those problems. Moving on….

The idea of the “rubber mask” is to prevent active ingredients from evaporating, allowing for deeper penetration. Great, so like Glad Cling Wrap for your face.

This is a 2 part mask, so when you open the pack there’s an “ampoule pack” (what the hell is an ampoule?) that you’re supposed to coat your face in first. This had a texture I don’t want to talk about, it’s exactly like something you’d find inside a left over lover rubber – if you catch the drift.

THEN ON TO THE MASKING. This mask actually came in 2 sheets (FINALLY A OSFA SHEET MASK) So you take the top half of the mask and start on your forehead and press it against your skin, then you take the bottom half and start on your chin and gently press on it the same way you did the top. Mine overlapped about 5/8ths of an inch.

Instructions claimed to leave this on for up to 30-40 minutes. (I used this mask on a Saturday morning, I left it on for 30 so I could get on with my day. ) Wearing it wasn’t totally uncomfortable. I was able to talk on the phone, drink my coffee and function like a normal human being rather than being couch-ridden for 15-20 minutes because you can’t blink like most sheet masks. I was very impressed by how well this one stayed in place. I did have to do some adjustments, but I was happy with how well it stayed on. Once I took it off, I left the… residue…. on for about another 10-15 mins before I wiped it off. I feel if I had it back I would have used this in the evening so I could have left the residue on over night.

I noticed my pores under my eyes and on my cheek bones were slightly minimized, not at all on my nose or forehead. I can’t say I was happy with it, because my Clinique HydroBlur daily moisturizer has the same effect every morning. Which is great in a moisturizer, not so impressive in a $20 sheet mask.

I think it’s an ok mask, maybe suitable for someone with excessive pores the size of craters. But I do like the idea of the rubber sheets, if I HAD to try this mask again i’d probably opt for the Hydration version of this mask as I think it would make a good combo. But until the day comes that someone actually forces me to purchase another Dr. Jart+ mask, i’m sadly not likely to purchase another. For the price, they just don’t live up to expectations or other masks out there.

Anywho, enjoy the picture of me wearing a lovely grey Lover Rubber drinking coffee that may or may not be full of licquer.

Happy Friday. 🙂


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