#9 FRESH – Crème Ancienne® Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask

I was on my usual mask splurge… I love indulging – in food, in adventure, and in facial masks. I’m a skin care enthusiast, and I just feel that masks really give your skin that little extra. Or maybe it’s that 10-20 minutes every few times I week where I can relax with a tea, a good book and a coat of happiness on a fresh face. Either way….

I work just outside of Goose Bay, Labrador and we’ve been getting some excruciatingly cold weather on night shift. (I’m talking -40/50 with wind chill of -stupid.) I really wanted something to renew my skin as if the bitterness didn’t do a thing.

I’ve read a lot of posts lately on hydrating skin care products, mostly on hydrating toners or moisture banks. But I wanted to try something different… Something luxurious, something… Luscious.

That’s where I found Fresh’s ‘Créme Ancienne‘ Ultra Nourishing Honey Mask.

This sells for $172.00CAD before taxes, for a 100ml pot. (3.3floz) It’s main ingredient is of course – honey. Each pot contains 2 1/2 tablespoons of honey (making up about 40% of the formula) which is made in Loire Valley – France. The honey in this mask helps to moisturize and smooth, while the echinacea extract to help to improve the skin’s resilience to environmental aggressors and promote a radiant glow. Also features nourishing Meadowfoam Seed Oil, which is rich in omegas and Shea Butter and Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish.

It has a creamy, grainy texture that gives a light exfoliating treatment when applied and rinsed without being harsh and smells wonderful. (Who doesn’t think honey is wonderful?) I applied this to cleansed skin and relaxed for the recommended 10 minutes – or maybe more, shhh. Rinsed with warm water and stood in the mirror with a strange urge to touch my face. This mask leaves no sticky or oily residue, but instead leaves you with velvety, baby soft skin.

I would use this mask 100 times over again, and anyone with dry skin should use it 101. Having oily skin (and I speak for others too) DON’T be afraid of moisturizing products. I know you are, but moisture is so important for all skin types to have balance so don’t be scared to incorporate a moisture mask or 3 into your routine every now and then. Especially with a product like this that wont leave you feeling greasy. Your skin will love you.

Until next time… xo


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