#7 Great Britain and Ireland

fb_img_1484181239223.jpg   So, the fall past I took just over a month away from life to go on a long awaited adventure. With all the going on lately, I felt I was becoming oblivious to the rest of the world just caught up so much in day to day nonsense. It’s been a year since my last travel just being so overwhelmed with life itself and I just had a ‘get up and go’ moment. I planned this pretty last minute, I got a great deal on a direct flight from St Johns, NL to Heathrow, London and jumped. No planning other than planning to leave.

I think the most fulfilling times in my life have been from traveling, experiencing other cultures and seeing the world. I crave it.
The hardest part is the mental stigma of planning, worrying about money and if you can get time off and who’s going… I feel the best way to handle this is to just cut the crap and do it, don’t worry about any of it. I walked into a travel agency having nothing in mind other than the fact I wasn’t leaving without a plane ticket to somewhere.

I’ve been to Europe a few times now, I’ve seen Italy, France, Switzerland and yada yada yada.. Being from the most easterly point in Canada – the UK was pretty close to home for me. My family came to Newfoundland from Whales and it was about time I went to see what the whole place was about.

Anyway, i’m home and back into my regular real life routine and i’ll talk about country by country, day by some other day. But for today I just wanted to talk about how I came about the travel and my constant desire to go somewhere new. Not that I think Newfoundland is boring, because it’s not. We’re rich in history and culture and more, you see it in the city and the rural towns everywhere in the food, the homes and simply how we speak. “Stay where yer at till I comes where yer too, ya?”

All in all I seen so many places.. Just to name a few: London, Liverpool, York, Carlisle, Lake District, Gretna Green, Jedbrugh, Edinburgh, Inverness, Isles of Skye, Oben, West Highlands, Highlands, Glasgow, Northern Ireland/ Derry/Londonderry, Dublin, Kilkenny, Middleton, Galway, Aran Islands, Donegal, Belfast, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch….

I think I left my heart in Edinburgh, it all feels like a dream to reminisce.

All for now….. xo


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