#6 BITE -Amuse Bouche

I own an embarrassing number of Bite lipsticks… I’m openly admitting to having a problem here. But, i’ve accepted that and i’m ok with it. (A lot of people drink and party for fun, where as I put on lipstick to do things like make cookies. So that’s ok.)

These come in an array of colors and every single one of them make me happy. But lately, i’ve been loving ‘Cava’ and ‘Whiskey’. These sell for $30.00 CAD each for 0.15oz, and i’ll gladly buy more and more and more. But lets talk about the brand themselves… I consider everything they make ‘feel good’ products. They’re made with food grade ingredients and you can literally chew them up and eat them. Which is really the only thing you should be putting in or on your mouth anyways, don’t you think? But I would suggest snacking on something a little cheaper…

The lipstick is super creamy, full coverage, gorgeously saturated and weightless. I’ll leave it for another day to talk about the Bite lipstick vault…

But all in all… BUY THE  DAMN LIPSTICK. Don’t question yourself, just do it.
Again. And again and again…

I promise.


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