#5 Fresh – Vitamin Nectar


I was super excited about this mask in store. Maybe it was the vibrant color, the juicy smell, or just the fact it was a face mask and I get excited about them all.

This is the “Fresh – Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask” This comes in a 100ml pot and retails for $80.00 CAD. (I thought it was pricy, but Fresh doesn’t skimp or use cheap junky ingredients. So I can always justify buying their products.)
The mask is safe for all skin types, claims to provide instant glow and it made up by a concentrated blend of 50% crushed fruits.

As soon as you twist off the cover you immediately get a whiff of oranges, lemons and clementines, mmmm. The mask is a bright orange and has a texture I would describe as cute. I was in awe applying this. The mask is super lightweight and has a cool ‘jelly’ feel to it, it’s loaded with little pieces of orange segments and it feels ticklish to apply. (I had such a fun time wearing it, wondering if it would taste the way it smelled. Shh.)

Left this powerhouse mask on for about 15-20 mins, a little longer than the recommended 10 minutes. Removed with water and patted to dry.
The results were silky soft and RADIANT skin after my first use. I felt my skin could light up a room to be honest. I wouldn’t say the pieces made it exfoliating, it’s not geared toward much more than brightening and retexturing your skin but I personally thought the product was enlightening.

To be honest, not sure if I would purchase again but I look forward to using the rest of the product until it runs out. Not because there’s anything wrong with the product, only because I have semi problematic oily skin that needs a lot of attention and better suited for products to keep that under control.

Until next time…


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